Thank you for stopping by! I’m flattered to have piqued your interest and would love to tell you a little bit about me.

I have chosen to pursue professional companionship while simultaneously attending university since, above all else, I love meeting new people. I especially enjoy the company of refined gentlemen (and women!). I would love nothing more than to hear all about your travels and intellectual pursuits, as I am always looking to expand my worldview. I find taking the student mentality with me everywhere I go and always remaining curious has served me quite well in my young life.

My youthful appearance and energy betray my sharp intellect. I am extremely passionate while at the same time down to earth and open minded. You can always expect me to carry myself with manners and class while still always remaining humble as I find pretentiousness distasteful.

In my early 20’s standing at 5’4”, I am slender and fit with delicate pale skin. I am also extremely flexible due to my past career in dance and current affinity for yoga.

I am flirtatious, adventurous and enthusiastic about trying new things, especially for my favorite lovers. Perhaps that could be you!

Please peruse my site or get in touch with me so we can set up our next adventure…be it a weekend away sampling exotic cuisine, a fabulous night out on the town or simply just enjoying a brief encounter. No matter what, we’re bound to have a splendid time.

Brunette Escort San Diego

Meet Natalie Clare